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Handicap Information : Oxford Country Club Est 1949

Oxford Country Club Est 1949

There are two options for obtaining a handicap at OCC.

GHIN Handicap System

The GHIN handicapping system is a new addition for OCC golf members.  The cost is $30 per person per year.  The GHIN system allows the player to either enter golf scores themselves online or by reporting scores to the Director of Golf in the golf shop.  The player can stay current with their handicap and scores anywhere they have internet access.  Each player is given a GHIN number that allows them access to the GHIN website (GHIN.com) where they can track their progress.  This system also allows other courses to verify your handicap when playing in outside golf events, simply by accessing the GHIN website.  By signing up to use the GHIN system the golfer will receive a handicap card that will be updated on the 1st and 15th of every month.  The GHIN handicap system is affiliated with the Greater Cincinnati Golf Association (GCGA) and the USGA.

General Club Handicap

This handicap is free of charge to members of Oxford Country Club.  Simply contact the Director of Golf in the golf shop to get signed up.  After each round played, simply turn in your scorecard to one of the golf shop employees.  Scores must be posted within one week. Course Handicap Calculator